Sherrington is Five!

Posted on 8th July 2019 | Sherrington News

In July 2014 Sherrington Associates was born. Over the last five years we've been proud to be the retained search partner for a wide range of organisations looking to recruit and develop talented senior executives. Here's some of most successful search assignments we've delivered to date...

Chief Executive - Third Sector
Non-Executive Chairman - Technology
Non-Executive Director - Engineering
Managing Director - Engineering  
Managing Director - Textiles 
Managing Director - Manufacturing 
Managing Director - Logistics 
Managing Director - Telecoms 
Group Finance Director - Care 
Finance Director - Technology 
Finance Director - Business Services 
Financial Controller - Telecoms 
Business Development Director - Legal 
Marketing Director - Legal 
Director of Tourism - Marketing 
Operations Director - Shipping 
Production Director - Metals
Regional Operations Director - Engineering 
Commercial Director - Warehousing 
Sales Director - Telecoms 
Customer Services Director - Housing 
Risk & Compliance Director - Financial Services 
International Sales Director - Furniture 
Regional Sales Director - Shipping 
Commercial Director - Manufacturing 
Technical Director - Scientific 
Sales & Marketing Director - Interiors 
Sales Director - Software
HR Director - Travel
Logistics Director - Environmental 
General Manager - Shipping

It's been quite a journey! Here's some other highlights...

Finalist – Best Newcomer, Mersey Maritime Awards 2016

Finalist – Micro Business of The Year, High Sheriff’s Awards 2018 

Finalist – Micro Business of The Year, Mersey Maritime Awards 2018

Moved to Nicholas Street offices in August 2018

Appointed two new Associate Coaches, May 2019

Recruited new Executive Search Consultant, July 2019

While most of our work has been recruiting for UK clients, we've also delivered work in places such as Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and Australia!

As well as recruiting senior executives and managers, we've also coached a number of CEOs and other executives through challenging change scenarios such as onboarding and transitioning into more senior roles in the business, all of which has hugely rewarding.

We're also proud to have assembled new teams of middle managers and sales personnel for the executive candidates we've placed as they've gone on to build their teams.

As we enter our sixth year in business, we are delighted to announce the recruitment of a new Executive Search Consultant who joins the company in September this year and we are making plans to insource our research function will lead to further job creation.

Despite the growth plans, we are still and will always be 100% independent. We'll never be answerable to shareholders or investors and we're only in business because we enjoy it. We thank you for playing a part in our journey so far and look forward to working with you more over the next five years and beyond...

Rob & Joanne

Sherrington Associates

"Improving lives with inspirational leaders"