What is executive coaching?

Both businesses and individual clients come to us experiencing an eclectic mix of change scenarios. Our definition of coaching is very simply…

Our ability to help our clients to positively influence change in their lives and businesses through listening, understanding and encouraging fresh new thinking to the situation.

Who is coaching for?

Coaching can be a powerful tool for supporting change in a whole range of professional circumstances, however here are some of the most common scenarios we’re brought in to support…

Businesses Individuals
Wanting to support leaders / leadership teams through major change initiatives (ie; M&A, new strategic direction, etc) Requiring a supportive partner through periods of uncertainty
Wanting to support executives / executive teams with strategy development through a coaching approach Requiring a supportive partner to help them determine the best way to achieve a specific career goal
Looking to create a new culture across the business, eg; a culture of coaching that exists amongst employees at all levels company-wide Requiring an objective impartial partner during a process of self-learning to help define personal goals and objectives
Supporting the on-boarding of newly appointed managers or directors A new senior manager / director looking to develop their managerial / leadership competencies
Supporting leaders / leadership teams as part of an ongoing development plan An existing senior manager / director looking to develop their managerial / leadership competencies
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Valuable partnerships…

Our coaching takes a collaborative and relational approach. We believe that for coaching to be transformational and effective, a level of deep understanding needs to be achieved, enabling the coach to direct the coaching to meet the specific need of the client.

"I felt that Rob had a genuine interest in my personal development and success – a characteristic of the very clear passion he has for helping others."

Ian Millen - Executive coaching client 

Transformational interventions…

The best things in life take work and coaching doesn’t seek to wave a magic wand and cure things overnight. We know from experience that executive coaching can be a hugely powerful intervention to help create lasting positive change, however it takes patience and an openness to commit to change. Our executive coaching is designed to support lasting transformational change, not just a transactional ‘quick-fix’.

"In a relatively short time, I have achieved the business portfolio I wanted, alongside the time to pursue other things that matter most to me. This is in no small part due to Rob and the role he played in coaching me, for which I’m truly grateful."

Ian Millen - Executive coaching client
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Our coaching heritage…

All our executive coaches are qualified or currently studying ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching & Mentoring and come with a long track record of supporting senior-level clients through coaching and mentoring. We have experience of coaching clients across a wide range of industry sectors and have successfully supported behavioural change initiatives at group strategic level, executive team and managerial level and with individual senior-executives.

All our coaches attend regular coaching supervision (effectively coaching for executive coaches) and adhere to strict codes of ethical practice.

GROW Model…

The trick to making coaching work, no matter who we’re working with is to keep it simple, which is why we favour the GROW model. There are many claimants to GROW’s origination, but it has been successfully used by executive coaches around the world since the early 1980’s.

We've used GROW as the template for a whole range of coaching conversations ranging from major organisational change at a company level through to individual career development for senior executives and managers.

The simplicity of the GROW model provides transparent structure so that clients understand the direction of travel throughout the coaching journey. 



Before starting any coaching programme it’s vital to fully understand the client’s goals and objectives. Often clients aren’t exactly sure what there end goal is, so we start with a broad idea and work from there. It’s all about developing a relational understanding at this stage so that the client feels comfortable and relaxed and ideas can really flow. With a clear goal in mind we contract with the client for a coaching programme designed specifically to help support them achieve that goal


Understanding what is really happening takes courage. By encouraging self-reflection and studying behavioural patterns, together we effectively lift a mirror to the situation, allowing clients to see what is really happening for themselves and providing a true image of reality on which to work on.


To reach the end goal in the most effective and enjoyable way possible means exploring all the options. Through a process of analysis and elimination we’ll enable the client to select the right choice for them having fully considered all of the alternatives and having really understood the rationale behind each choice.


Finally having researched all the options and selected the best way forward, comes the task of ‘doing’. Talking and doing are very different, but coaching allows the learner to rationalise actions through the power of open and objective conversation. Each session reexamines the coaching goal in light of progress made and explores new opportunities that inevitably arise through the learner’s journey

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