Rob Mckay

Quality over quantity, every time…

They say small is beautiful. Doing anything to the absolute best of your ability is a beautiful thing and when we set up Sherrington Associates we knew the best way to make sure we delivered results for our clients better than anyone else every time was to remain small and take on fewer but higher value assignments where the attention to detail really mattered and where the client was crying out for a partner who took the time to really understand them and get their recruitment right.


Having supported clients with recruitment and HR services for almost twenty years, we know what works and what doesn’t. Our knowledge and expertise comes from a very well-rounded pedigree working with organisations in multiple sectors and of varying size and demographic, from family-owned SME’s in the manufacturing and logistics sectors, right up to FTSE 100 professional services companies and even household names in the charity and not-for-profit arenas. This breadth of experience gained both in the UK and internationally, means we can support clients of varying stature and with a diverse range of requirements. The common denominator is that all our clients want an attentive partner who supports them like an extension of their own team rather than a transactional third party supplier.


Unlike larger search firms and management consultancies who are wed to certain systems and processes, our size means we remain agile in our approach. We’ll only take on projects that fit with our values and where we know our expertise will really make a difference for our clients, but once retained our agility means we can support clients in a whole myriad of ways, and if the project requires a change of tack mid-way through then we’re quick to adapt. 


We’re a values-driven business. Our values underpin everything we do and are the bedrock on which our work stands. It’s one thing to say you have values but we’ve worked tirelessly to define ourselves through our values, consistently scrutinising ourselves against them to make sure we’re really living them.

Courage. Openness. Loyalty. Discipline.

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