Joe Onions completes Sustainability Leadership course

Posted on 3rd September 2022 | Sherrington News

In 2019 Sherrington worked with executive coach Hazel Bainbridge to help redefine our organisational purpose. 'Influencing Sustainable Leadership' is about helping our clients have the maximum impact on sustainability by recruiting and developing senior executives with the requisite qualities for sustainable leadership.

The team has previously worked with other course providers including the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership and UCL, to further our understanding of sustainable leadership. In July it was Joe's turn to learn, this time with University of Chester on their new 'Sustainable Leadership Course' delivered at the iconic Churchill House.

Professional development is at the core of our plans to support new recruits in the future and we were delighted to work with University of Chester. Joe fed back that the course content was excellent and provided useful context for much of the work we're delivering for climate conscious clients this year. Commenting immediately after the course, Joe said...

I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to learn about the difference between traditional leadership and sustainable leadership and why it's so important to achieve our corporate sustainability aspirations.

Joe Onions - Executive Search Resourcer, Sherrington Associates