Who is executive coaching for?

Coaching can be a powerful tool for supporting leaders to adapt a wide range of change scenarios. Here are some of the most common situations we’re asked to help with…

Business Individual Leaders
Wanting to support leadership teams through major change initiatives (ie; M&A, culture transformation, new strategic direction, etc) Helping identify and understand personal values, how they influence behaviour and how to align them with career goals
Wanting to support executives / executive teams with strategy development through a coaching approach Requiring an objective partner to help them determine the best way to achieve a specific career goal, gaining clarity over future direction
Wanting to achieve sustainability culture across the business, eg; coaching leaders to embed sustainability culture Requiring a supportive partner through periods of uncertainty, ie: redundancy, career transition
Supporting the on-boarding of newly appointed managers or directors A new senior manager / director looking to develop their managerial / leadership competencies
Supporting leaders / leadership teams as part of an ongoing development plan An existing senior manager / director looking to develop their managerial / leadership competencies
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Chemistry is everything…

Our team is comprised of highly experienced and qualified executive coaches. Depending on the nature of the client’s brief, we provide a selection of coaches for the client to meet with and decide who they want to work with. Building trust is essential to an effective coaching relationship and our coaches work on an entirely confidential and supportive basis.

Coaching for Sustainable Leadership

Achieving true organisational sustainability means seeing it as a mindset adopted by the whole organisation, not just a department or directorate. Using both the Barrett Model™ and Sherrington’s own 4A Model of Sustainable Leadership, we coach leadership teams to achieve a culture of sustainability across the organisation.

In 2021, Sherrington Associates commissioned Professor of Sustainability Dr Paul Beers of Derby University to complete a research paper on the subject of sustainable leadership. This work informed our definition of sustainable leadership based on an aggregated consensus model achieved through this research. We call it The 4A Model of Sustainable Leadership.

Having completed this research we now know that sustainable leadership is only achieved when leadership teams embody the right Attributes, Abilities and Awareness and who take the appropriate Actions for sustainability.

The 4A Model of Sustainability Leadership is our framework for supporting leaders and leadership teams to achieve sustainability in their organisations.


The 4A Model is a holistic representation of the most widely agreed qualities for sustainable leadership.

Dr Paul Beers, Derby University

Over the years Sherrington have developed tools and techniques to assess the qualities of sustainable leadership contained within the 4A Model. Using these systems, we can aid leaders and senior management teams to diagnose and develop their competencies for sustainable leadership. For more information contact our team.


Coaching with the Barrett Model

Our coaches are qualified practitioners with Barrett Values Centre. Using the globally recognised Barrett Model of Leadership Consciousness, we help leaders to understand their deepest values and what really makes them tick. Achieving this level of self-awareness unlocks powerful levels of confidence and understanding, with which leaders can go on to achieve incredible things in their leadership roles.

We are a supportive friend for leaders looking for structured help to achieve a specific goal. We bring the right balance of challenge and support to the coaching conversation to help you gain clarity and overcome unfounded fears and assumptions.

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Better understanding my personal values has enabled me to make better decisions. Coaching with the Barrett model has helped me achieve a new level of self awareness in my role and in life.

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