Recruiting exceptional leaders for over 20+ years…

For over 20+ years, our team have been recruiting senior managers and leaders for clients across a wide range of markets from professional services, manufacturing, public sector, third sector, life sciences, engineering, financial services, shipping and logistics. Throughout this time, recruiting for values has been at the core of our work.

Recruiting for sustainable leadership culture…

Sustainability isn’t a department, a project or programme… it’s a culture.

For an organisation to be sustainable, it needs leaders who embody the hallmarks of sustainable leadership. By recruiting leaders and senior managers with the requisite skills, knowledge and values for sustainable leadership, we help our clients to embed cultures that support a sustainable future.

In 2021, Sherrington Associates commissioned research by sustainability expert and professor at Derby University Dr Paul Beers and his team, to inform our model of sustainable leadership. Read more about the research project here. The result is what we now call The 4A Model of Sustainable Leadership.

Our team use The 4A Model as a framework for assessing leadership candidates during the recruitment process. This helps us understand the candidate’s potential for developing a culture of sustainable leadership. By combining Barrett Values Centre analytics and our own 4A Model assessments, we’re able to identify the best leaders to deliver sustainability across your organisation.


Bespoke Approach…

Every assignment is unique and taking the time to understand each client’s specific requirements is fundamental to the success of the search. Our delivery team support the client to formulate an accurate and compelling brief, before designing a polished Recruitment Pack to showcase the opportunity to potential candidates.

Executive Search with EDI at the Core…

Research shows that men tend to have more keywords on their Linkedin profiles than women, meaning that executive search consultants using Linkedin Recruiter may inadvertently be at a disadvantage when it comes to assembling diverse shortlists for their clients. Sherrington Associates use tailored tech that supplements candidate profiles using augmented keywords to help overcome bias and underrepresentation.

From using EDI tech platforms, to providing nameless CVs where required, our systems and processes have been specifically designed to build equality, diversity and inclusivity into the heart of our executive search work.

Tech-Powered Research & Referrals…

Our researchers combine desk-research, with proactive headhunting supported by the latest in AI-powered recruitment software Talentis™, to cultivate powerful long-lists of both active and passive leadership talent. Our extensive network built over 20+ years means we can access hidden talent quickly through confidential referrals.


Candidate Assessment…

When it comes to our assessments, turning the long-list into the short-list means scrutinising candidates for the specific qualities highlighted by our clients during the briefing. Using The 4A Model, we then assess candidates for their potential for sustainable leadership using intelligent tools and analytics including Barrett Values Centre PVA™ for assessing values in relation to the shared values of our client’s organisation.

If required, we can support with full Culture Diagnostics to help build an accurate picture of the client’s organisational culture ahead of recruitment, thus enabling even more accurate matching.

Our pedigree…

We are proud to have a delivery record of 98% across all assignments since our company began. Taking a long-term partnership approach and placing trust and transparency at the heart of our work, means many of our clients have partnered with Sherrington Associates for decades.

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Post Placement Support…

The first six months in a new leadership role are crucial. According to research by The Society for Human Resource Management, newly appointed executives who are supported by structured coaching and mentoring during the onboarding period are 58% more likely to be with the organisation after three years.

Sherrington Associates provide tailored coaching and mentoring for newly-placed executives to support the success of executive search projects post-placement stage. Read more about our leadership development work.


Our team have over 25+ years’ experience recruiting across multiple sectors and geographies including international. As a non-sector specific search partner, we’re able to provide insights into external talent pools and make lateral matches with values alignment at the core of the shortlist. Whilst remaining sector agnostic, some of the sectors where we have vast experience include…

  • Maritime & Logistics
  • Third Sector
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • B2B Services / BPO
  • Scientific / Life Sciences
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Our team has experience recruiting senior-level positions across the globe. With access to multi-lingual research capability, we’ve supported clients to setup new teams in overseas territories in Europe, Asia, US and South America.


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