Executive search is a highly-specialised form of recruitment used for the purpose of recruiting highly-skilled senior executives to the executive team. Our consultants have over 20+ years experience recruiting executive-level positions for clients across a range of industry sectors and geographies.

Typical assignments include recruiting positions with strategic leadership responsibility, such as CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CSO, CPO / HRD.

Team Assessment

Before commencing a retained executive search, many clients ask us to assess the current executive team, to help them define the exact qualities required to compliment the current team.

Using tools and analytics as well as qualitative interviews, we can build a picture of the current team, illustrating insights into their collective values and their potential for sustainable leadership. Then, we develop a profile of the executive team member to guide the search and any future recruitment.

Long Term Partnerships

By taking this approach, we build a close relationship with our clients and are able to support them over the long-term, achieving more impactful appointments with every retained search assignment.

Executive Directors for Sustainable Leadership

We believe the in the context of contemporary leadership challenges and an ever-more turbulent leadership landscape, every director has a role to play in ensuring their organisation is sustainable. Our 4A Model of Sustainable Leadership is our framework for assessing leadership candidates for the qualities of sustainable leadership, ensuring only those who can make a significant contribution to the sustainability of the organisation make it to our shortlists.

This isn’t just fluffy talk. Nor is it about recruiting solely for environmental sustainability. Real sustainability means supporting ALL of the five capitals – Human Capital, Social Capital, Natural Capital, Manufactured Capital and Financial Capital. This means assembling high-performing executive teams with the skills to deliver on all of these areas of the business.


Typical Assignments

  • Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director
  • Chief Operating Officer / Operations Director
  • Chief Sales Officer / Sales Director
  • Chief Financial Officer / Finance Director
  • Chief Safety Officer
  • Chief People Officer

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The secret to effective executive search is not about sector specialism, or role discipline specialism. It’s about the consultant’s ability to listen and understand the client’s unique requirements and really understand the culture. After that it’s just a process!

Rob McKay – Managing Director, Sherrington Associates

Sherrington have really taken the time to understand our culture. Using a thorough executive search process has enabled them to successfully place senior positions in our business.

Damian Redmond – HR Director, Bilfinger UK