For over 20+ years, our team have been recruiting senior managers and directors for our clients. During that time we’ve also supported clients with succession planning by recruiting middle managers with the right qualities for future leadership positions, thereby helping to create senior-level talent pipelines that support a more sustainable leadership culture.

"If we could just bottle the energy of our middle manager and replicate it, we’d have the secret sauce for all our future leaders."
- CEO, Manufacturing Client

Like any of the most successful corporate high-potential programmes, our future leaders recruitment offer provides employers with the chance to identify high-calibre talent with the right ambition, drive, intellect and values to develop into a senior leadership position down the line.


Typical Assignments

Our work recruiting future leaders often comes about when a client explains they have a problem with succession planning in a particular department. Looking to acquire specialist talent in mid-level positons, but with the hallmarks for future leadership positions, Sherrington help recruit specific roles such as:

  • ‘Heads of’ level roles
  • Middle management level roles
  • Various disciplines including – Sales / Business Development / Marketing / Finance / Project Management / Engineering / Technical / Human Resources / Supply Chain / Logistics / Health & Safety / Operations

Talent Pooling

As well as recruiting live vacancies for clients wanting to bring in future leaders, our team can also develop external talent pools ahead of vacancies becoming live. By carrying out confidential market research using experienced headhunters, we provide competitor insights in real time, helping you better understand the talent landscape in your sector and make more proactive hiring decisions, instead of reacting from a standing start when vacancies become live.

  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Market Insights
  • Competitor Analysis

How it works

Sustainable Succession Planning

Having the foresight to proactively plan future leadership recruitment in advance, gives employers a competitive advantage by attracting high-calibre talent early and avoiding more expensive external senior leadership hires down the line.

Not only that, but by recruiting future leaders through Sherrington Associates you can achieve cultural alignment earlier, whilst developing a more sustainable leadership talent pipeline.



Future Sustainable Leaders Forum

The Future Sustainable Leaders Forum (FSLF) is a collaborative network of aspiring leaders from a diverse range of market sectors and job disciplines, who are committed to building a leadership career that makes a significant impact on sustainability.

Founded in 2023 by the team at Sherrington Associates, FSLF is an invite-only forum where future leaders come together to connect, learn and develop their skills and knowledge for sustainable leadership. Through quarterly thought leadership sessions and an annual in-person reception, members are able to meet other ambitious professionals seeking to make a difference.

The quarterly thought leadership sessions are delivered online and are chaired by influential sustainability leaders. Each year members are able to develop their potential for sustainable leadership by better understanding what it means to be a sustainable leader and how to influence others to embrace sustainability and make their organisations better businesses for the world.

Using The 4A Model of Sustainable Leadership as a framework for professional development, on joining members are assessed for their potential for sustainable leadership and are then able to hone their skills as they move through the year.

Our first cohort starts the FSL programme in early 2024.


Sherrington have created a unique opportunity with the Future Sustainable Leaders Forum to learn from industry experts that I wouldn’t have had chance to network with and learn from otherwise. I’m so excited to be a part of it!

Izzy Cook – Chair, Chester Zoo Youth Board, FSLF Member

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