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Influencing Sustainable Leadership

Sherrington was inspired by a passion for purposeful business. We build partnerships with clients to support their long-term strategic aims with winning leadership talent.

Sherrington began life as a boutique executive search business, founded by Rob and Joanne in 2014 with the original mantra of ‘Optimising Leadership’. Recruiting senior managers and directors and coaching them to become the most effective leaders they can be for our clients’ organisations were our core services for many years.

Then in 2018 with the support of a leadership coach, realising our shared value for sustainability, we repurposed the business to provide end-to-end support for culture change programmes, specifically supporting clients wanting to embed sustainability as a core culture across the organisation. ‘Influencing Sustainable Leadership’ became our new purpose.

We believe that business can be a force for good but to effect positive change, you need the right leaders with the right qualities for sustainable leadership. We support our clients by diagnosing culture, developing and executing improvement / transformation strategies and recruiting and coaching leaders and managers with the right understanding of what it means to be a sustainable business.

If you can’t explain as a company what you are doing to make this a better world, you have no reason for being.

Former CEO of Unilever Paul Polman

We know that by recruiting senior leaders with the right experience and values to align with our clients’ culture, we can help them realise their purpose, thereby in turn, achieving our own...
‘Influencing sustainable leadership’

Our Impact

Measuring impact when it comes to sustainability isn’t easy, so in 2022 we embarked on an ambitious project to become B-Corp certified. A rigorous 12 month process that scrutinises every area of business operations, becoming B-Corp certified will hold us accountable when it comes to sustainability. Our impact assessment will be submitted in July and we hope to achieve certification by early 2023.

In the meantime, here’s some of the initiatives we’ve undertaken to become more sustainable and support our clients and communities since 2020...

  • Since the global pandemic began in March 2020, Sherrington has donated over 100 coaching hours to leaders and senior managers who have either been made redundant or found themselves in times of career crisis. 
  • During the pandemic, Sherrington provided significant discounts for recruitment and coaching for charities in need including The Land Trust, Chester Zoo, Active Cheshire, Changing Lives Together and Passion for Learning.
  • In March 2020 at the start of the global pandemic, Rob was approached by the Cheshire Community Foundation to help recruit a team of influential leaders to coordinate activities between private, public and third sector stakeholders all attempting to tackle spiralling poverty in the region. Rob helped assemble the Cheshire West Impact Group and chaired the committee for one year. Sherrington then pledged support by joining the ‘Cheshire 100’ – a group of supportive businesses who commit an annual donation to fund CCF’s essential work. 
  • In 2021, we joined purposeful business membership association ‘Cheshire for Good’, part of the wider ‘UK for Good’ collective of ethical businesses. Sherrington have supported since the beginning and are proud to be one of a growing number of purposeful businesses to pledge support. 
  • In March 2022, Sherrington Associates donated £5,000 to Chester Zoo’s Race for the Rainforest campaign, money that will directly fund a major reforestation project in Borneo, protecting the habitats of numerous endangered species. This donation was further enhanced with another £900 raised by Joe who ascended the UK’s three highest peaks in under 24 hours for the cause.
  • In April 2022 we were proud to become an official signatory of the Better Business Act. The act is a business-led campaign, supported by over 1,000 UK businesses to force UK government to mandate responsible business practice via an amendment to Section 172 of the Companies Act, aligning People, Planet and Profit as equal pillars of organizational purpose. On March 20th Sherrington’s Managing Director Rob McKay and Executive Resourcer Joe Onions attended parliament along with representatives from other signatory businesses for talks with MPs and to encourage government to endorse the act in the forthcoming Queen’s speech.
  • In April 2022 Sherrington officially became a carbon positive! We are now removing more carbon from the atmosphere than we are emitting. This thanks to Joanne's work with Ecologi, a new carbon-offsetting initiative that helps businesses like Sherrington to calculate their carbon footprint and take action to reduce it, whilst offsetting emissions through tree-planting projects across the globe. 
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