Sherrington supports Cheshire Community Foundation for second year

Posted on 27th October 2022 | Sherrington News

Sherrington are delighted to support the work of the Cheshire Community Foundation by renewing our membership of the 'Cheshire 100 Club' for a second year. Supporting incredible charities across Cheshire and Warrington through collaborative partnerships, funding and place-based philanthropy, like many charities the CCF's core operating costs have risen steeply during 2022, however funds raised from annual donations from the Cheshire 100 Club members, mean that CCF can continue to deliver this vitally important work across the county. 

As one of 46 community foundations across the UK, Cheshire Community Foundation raises funds to support hundreds of amazing small charities and voluntary groups across the whole of Cheshire and Warrington. They connect people and companies with the most effective grass-roots charities, helping those most in need, whilst enabling our donors to feel proud that they’ve made a real difference.

Since 2012, CCF has awarded over £8 million in grants to strengthen  local communities, supporting more than 1,451 local, grass-root organisations.

To read more about CCF's work or to join The Cheshire 100, visit the CCF's website here...

Sherrington C100 Cert