Our team have over 20+ years experience assembling new teams for client’s who want to expand.

New team formation can come about for a number of reasons; Breaking into new international markets, restructuring or setting up new entities. Over the years we’ve put together new teams for all of these scenarios. Key to success is building a really clear picture of the team’s intended goals and deliverables and most importantly the expected cultural dynamics.


​Culture Assessment & Team Profiling

Where required, Sherrington supports clients to carry out culture diagnostics across their existing workforce. This helps highlight the positive values needed in the new team ahead of recruitment. We help to build a culture profile of the ideal team member before starting recruitment activities. This can be used for future recruitment across the entire business.

Recruitment Pack Development

Before starting research, we work collaboratively with clients to develop a compelling Recruitment Pack to provide to all potential candidates, showcasing our client’s organisation and the role to engage their interest. Key to this, is making sure the pack speaks to the client’s EVP (employer value proposition), highlighting the vision and values of the organisation, training and development opportunities, ESG and sustainability credentials and reasons to join.


Research & Mapping

Good recruitment relies on thorough market research. We don’t rely on contingency recruitment methods, instead using a research-based headhunting approach to identify and attract the best talent across both ‘active’ and ‘passive’ talent pools.

Our experience recruiting across multiple sectors over many years, means we can advise on cross-sector talent pools in which to consider candidates. This can enable lateral matching and often supplement in-sector shortlists with high-calibre candidates from adjacent sectors, who bring fresh-thinking and new ideas to the team.

Our delivery team remains in regular contact with the client throughout this stage, providing weekly updates and reports generated from our AI-driven executive search software Talentis.


Interviewing & Assessing

Informed by a thorough briefing and candidate profiling process, our assessments include:

  • Biographical Interviews – assessing career story, reasons for leaving / joining, personal circumstances, qualifications and experience
  • Competency Interviews – assessing job-specific competencies through pre-prepared questions, scored using pre-agreed matrix
  • Personal Values Assessment – using Barrett Values Centre PVA
  • 4A Model Self Assessment – using 4A Model of Sustainable Leadership


New team recruitment projects are usually timebound and the order in which roles are to be appointed are agreed in advance. Our delivery team remain in communication with our client throughout the preliminary research and assessment stages, so that by the time we reach the shortlisting stage, the client has a clear idea of progress against each vacancy.

Shortlisting is a collaborative process whereby long-lists are scrutinised along with assessment reports and the strongest candidates are selected for interview.


Supporting new team members through the onboarding period is essential to maximising the chances of success in the first year. Providing new recruits with coaching and mentoring opportunities is a clear sign of a committed and supportive employer and is shown to improve retention.

Sherrington Associates provide clients with the opportunity to coach new recruits through those crucial early months in the new position. Using qualified executive coaches with decades of coaching experience, we can provide individual or team coaching support depending on the nature of the requirement.

Learn more about our coaching and development support.

New Team Setup Case Studies