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The Client

For half a century Brown & Newirth®have played their part in a dream to become one of the world’s treasured makers of fine jewellery ‘for the most important moments in your life’

Brown & Newirth®is the definitive handmade wedding and partnership jewellery brand in the UK- defined by its use of high-quality materials, inspired design and the finest craftsmanship backed by impeccable service. Boutique & Premium Branded Partners benefit from their shop-in-shop bridal areas that create a sympathetic embrace of product & environment. They, along with Branded Partners, also benefit from a full-service package that includes dedicated display, packaging, and marketing support along with their TLC aftercare promise and unique ambassador incentive programme ‘Brown & Newirth Rewards®’ 

Created by talented designers and skilled craftsmen at their London based centre of excellence, Brown & Newirth®lovingly create an impressive range of engagement, wedding, and eternity rings, as well as complementary diamond earrings, pendants, and other specialist pieces.

In 2012 thebusiness was bought out by private investment group Medusa Holdings who, have an eclectic portfolio of lucrative SME businesses across a range of market sectors. The business continues to grow its brand visibility on the high-street with their independent retail partners whilst continuing to produce the finest product for the wider jewellery retail market.

Foundation of Relationship

Sherrington Associates have been the preferred executive search partner for investment companies of Medusa Holdings since 2010. Over the years, the Sherrington team have delivered senior management and director-level positions as well as several 'niche' and specialist searches for mid-level positions, becoming a true recruitment partner.

As well as recruiting for Brown & Newirth, Sherrington has delivered senior appointments for Medusa's innovative waste water treatment business Kolina. The success of the partnership is down to shared values of professionalism and innovation when it comes to recruiting exceptional talent. Sherrington has supported clients at both Brown & Newirth and Kolina to develop a winning candidate experience that attracts both 'in-sector' and 'out-of-sector' matches. Through Sherrington's insight and tenacity through the research and engagement phases and Medusa's professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to gain the trust of star talent, the partnership has been highly successful for over a decade.

Recent Assignments

  • Retained search for new Operations Director (2017)
  • Project to set-up new business-development team, 4x BDM’s recruited (2019)
  • Retained search for new Head of Marketing (2022)

Commenting on the partnership, our clients said...

Sherrington always take the time to listen to our needs and understand the brief. Working with them is a pleasure. They always deliver. I would recommend them to any business requiring a professional executive search outfit.

John Ball - Managing Director, Brown & Newirth

​The team at Sherrington Associates delivered Brown & Newirth exceptional service identifying, evaluating and, aligning candidates with the specific professional and personal attributes outlined in our brief for these senior positions.

Fanatical about understanding not only the demands of the role but, the cultural dynamics of our business and people, the appointments made have slotted seamlessly into our team and most importantly; are adding value. I cannot recommend Rob and the team at Sherrington Associates enough.

Gareth Thomas - Director of Business Development, Brown & Newirth

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