Board Recruitment in the 20’s

Against a backdrop of ever-increasing regulatory pressures, the need for boards to appoint strong, ethical members who can navigate contemporary challenges has never been more apparent. Our pedigree in recruiting Chairs, Non-Executive Directors and Trustees for organisations who want to their leaders to make a positive impact in the world, includes working with clients in a diverse range of sectors and geographies.

Sustainable Leadership as a Culture

For organisations themselves to become sustainable entities, they require boards who understand what it means to be a sustainable leader. We’ve spent years researching the subject and through our own lived experience on boards and recruiting for boards, we know that to achieve real sustainability, it can’t just be seen as a department, a project or a programme… it needs to be embedded within the very culture of the organisation.

This means recruiting board members with the requisite values and skills for sustainable leadership. Our 4A Model of Sustainable Leadership is a framework for recruiting and developing board members who can help your organisation achieve sustainable leadership culture. Founded on rigorous academic research, the 4A Model is an evidence-based approach to assessing senior leaders for the qualities of sustainable leadership.

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Our Boardroom Experience

Our team is small but beautiful. We don’t claim to have multiple offices, or hundreds of consultants. We’re a team of experienced search consultants committed to helping clients achieve sustainable leadership culture by recruiting the right qualities to make an impact, that’s it.

We don’t have FTSE backgrounds. We don’t have greedy PE investors behind us. Nor do we identify with a ‘traditional’ image of what leaders look and sound like. We’re a grass roots leadership recruiter that understands that leadership in the 20’s is different.

We bring experience from a range of sectors including property, financial services, education, charity and industrial. Our delivery team all sit on boards and are members of professional bodies including the Institute of Directors, NED OnBoard and Chapter Zero. For more information read our bios.

Recruiting Chairs & NED’s

Assembling a cohesive board of experienced and committed directors is not easy, but get it right and it forms the foundation for strong strategic oversight, good governance and exemplary leadership.

Before recruiting Chair’s or Non-Executive Directors (NEDs), it is highly recommended to assess the current board dynamics (ie: values, skills gaps, D&I profiles) so as to gain clarity of what is needed in your next board appointment. Sherrington support clients to gain a thorough picture of their board profile by carrying out qualitative interviews and surveys. The results provide the framework for future recruitment and board development interventions.

Our team can help you to…

  • Better understand the culture of your board
  • Identify skills and experience gaps
  • Develop a portrait of your ideal board member
  • Recruit and develop new board members
  • Achieve sustainable leadership

To learn more about out board recruitment services, talk to our team…

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