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Executive Coaching Programme - CEO, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Neil Ashbridge has praised Sherrington for delivering a six month executive coaching programme for the chamber's CEO Paul Cherpeau.

In mid 2019, Sherrington Associates were commissioned to deliver a programme of executive coaching for the Chief Executive of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, to provide coaching support and guidance during a major change programme at the Chamber.

The project was delivered by Sherrington MD, Rob McKay. Setting clear outcomes from the beginning and working with the CEO to determine clear coaching goals, the programme was built on a platform of transparency and accountability from the outset.

Rob and Paul worked together over a six month period to address three main coaching goals, with progress being assessed on a monthly basis. Rob and Paul built a strong relationship during this time and open contracting at the start of the programme meant for a trusting dialogue throughout. Paul worked on building a new strategy for the chamber during this time, delivering a successful rebranding exercise and working with Rob to identify new areas of value to support members moving into 2020 and beyond, marking an exciting new chapter for the chamber and for Paul's leadership.

The programme culminated in December last year, allowing Paul to implement his learnings from the start of the new calendar year, a year of big change for the chamber.

Rob delivered coaching to the Chamber's CEO during 2019. Methodology and delivery were professional and effective, in particular the clarity with which key issues were teased-out and followed-up.

Six months on from completing the coaching sessions there has been a noticeable positive impact on confidence and delivery, which in turn is filtering down through the Chamber's operations. Confident leadership is critical to a successful business, especially in times of uncertainty, and coaching is a valuable tool in building confidence.

Neil Ashbridge - Chairman, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

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