'Purposeful Careers Podcast' - Episode 1, "The Great Resignation"

Posted on 23rd February 2022 | Interviews

Purposeful Careers Podcast

Over the coming weeks we will be talking to senior managers who have made some bold choices to repurpose their careers towards making an impact on the world's greatest problems. Talking with leaders from a range of different sectors, we'll be discussing how choosing to make an impact through work is one of the contributing factors behind the phenomenon we now know as 'The Great Resignation'.

Episode 1 - Ben Tolhurst, Business Declares

In February 2019 Ben Tolhurst experienced a 'climate epiphany'. Working as UK Managing Director for the property and asset management division of JLL, one of the world's largest commercial real estate businesses, Ben had enjoyed a 25 career in the corporate world, but one day whilst waiting for a train he realised that despite the lifestyle and the status that came with a senior corporate career, he wasn't able to make the impact he wanted on the issues that really mattered.

At first Ben made some radical changes to his personal life, choosing to switch to a plant-based diet and quit flying, but the urge to do more was still present. Finally Ben realised that in order to fulfil his own life's purpose of devoting himself to tackling the climate crisis, he would need to free himself from the shackles of paid employment and immerse himself in the world of climate activism. 

Ben is now a Director at Business Declares, a movement that enables businesses to recognise the gravity of the environmental crisis by publicly declaring a climate emergency and then committing to action. In this riveting interview, Ben explores the impact of 'climate consciousness' as one of the factors catalysing 'The Great Resignation'.

Ben also reveals how this transition has changed his life for the better and shares his tips for how other purposeful individuals can shape their careers to make an impact.