​'Purposeful Careers Podcast' - Episode 2, "Helen Chambers, Giki"

Posted on 5th April 2022 | Interviews

Purposeful Careers Podcast

Over the coming weeks we will be talking to senior managers who have made some bold choices to repurpose their careers towards making an impact on the world's greatest problems. 

In episode 1, we talked to former Managing Director of JLL's asset management division Ben Tolhurst, who recently resigned from corporate life to become a founding director at Business Declares, a climate movement committed to influencing positive climate action from business. 

Episode 2 - Helen Chambers, Giki

In our second episode we talk to Helen Chambers, Impact Director at innovative sustainability start-up 'Giki', who left a longstanding career with award-winning price comparison website Moneysupermarket.com in favour of a role in which she felt she could make more of an impact on sustainability. 

Helen describes how her inner purpose transitioned from wanting to help save people money during her time with Moneysupermarket, towards wanting to tackle the climate crisis. After studying sustainability management with the University of Cambridge, Helen made the bold choice to join a new tech start-up providing employee engagement tools for businesses who want to help their workforce live and work more sustainably. 

Helen shares her advice for those wanting to make their roles more impactful and gives several examples of how to use your influence in work to shift the dial on sustainability.

Read more about Giki here.