Sherrington debates SDG's future on 8th anniversary of Paris Agreement

Posted on 25th September 2023 | Thought Leadership

A meeting of concerned minds...

Today, on Monday 25th September 2023, as the world passes the eight year milestone of the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Sherrington Associates hosted friends from the purposeful business community to ask the question...

"Are the SDG's still alive?"

Following the initial energy and optimism in 2015, where for the first time in history a Conference of Parties (or COP) brought about unanimous agreement on a set of shared goals to tackle humanity's most worrying challenges, eight years on progress has been frustratingly slow.

A recent assessment carried out by the UN Department of Economic & Social Affairs on collective global performance against the seventeen goals, showed that out of 193 countries that signed up to the goals, only 15% are on track to honour their commitments, 37% have stagnated or regressed and shockingly 48% are moderately or severely off-track.

With such poor performance and with only eight years left to avoid the worst effects of climate change and all the other associated disasters that are so interwoven with our dependence on a habitable climate, we invited friends from other purpose-led businesses to debate whether the SDGs are still alive and whether we still stand a chance of avoiding catastrophe.

A full report on today's debate will be published later this week, so please stay tuned, but in the meantime our team would like to extend a huge thanks to the following leaders for joining us to debate this subject today on this significant milestone...

Donna Okell - Co-CEO, UK for Good

Claire Binns - Senior Impact Manager, Sykes Cottages

Garth Dallas - Co-Founder, The Good Small Business Awards

Sherrington Associates are committed to integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into our work as executive-level recruiters and leadership coaches, by only working with purpose-led organisations who are serious about sustainability. You can learn more about how to support the SDG's through your own business activities by engaging with the UN Global Compact.


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