Sherrington promotes Joe Onions to head up new Future Sustainable Leaders programme

Posted on 19th July 2023 | Sherrington News

Joe Onions to head up new Future Sustainable Leaders programme

After joining Sherrington Associates in November 2021, Joe has excelled in client delivery working on senior-level executive search assignments for clients across a number of market sectors including food, agritech, engineering, industrial, branded goods, charity and construction.

Having invested significant time and effort to learn about sustainable leadership including completing a course on the subject with the University of Chester, Joe’s passion to help businesses achieve sustainable leadership culture has been the driving force behind the conceptualisation of Sherrington’s new Future Sustainable Leaders programme – a new division that recruits and develops high-potential future leaders for organisations who see sustainability as a culture and want to create their own organisational sustainability by cultivating talent pools of future leaders who embody the qualities of sustainable leadership.

Using our 4A Model of Sustainable Leadership as a framework for recruiting and developing future leaders, Joe will be rolling out a development programme through 2024, supporting a new community of ambitious future leaders who care about sustainability and whose employers see them as part of their future leadership.

Over a twelve month period, future sustainable leaders will access thought leadership from some of the most well-regarded thinkers on the subject of sustainable leadership, delivered both through online and in-person events. Future Sustainable Leaders (FSL) will also provide members with the opportunity to network amongst other ambitious future leaders, united by their commitment to sustainability in their organisations.

This is an exciting development in Sherrington’s evolution and we’re delighted to promote Joe to lead FSL.

FSL will be officially launched in Autumn. Interested participants should apply to Joe directly…

Read more about FSL here…

We’re delighted to promote Joe to lead our FSL programme. Joe has shown passion, work ethic and a hunger to make a difference. We’re looking forward to welcoming new members under Joe’s stewardship in the near future.

Rob McKay – Managing Director, Sherrington Associates