Sherrington sponsors 'Good Governance' & 'ESG Initiative' categories at TAF Awards

Posted on 22nd November 2022 | Sherrington News

Sherrington are pleased to sponsoring the 2022 Trade Association Forum Awards in February 2023, in the categories of 'Good Governance' and 'Best ESG Initiative'. 

The Trade Association Forum is the leading representative body for 130 trade associations in the UK, helping CEOs of trade associations to engage, improve and lead their sectors. Since their formation in 1997, the Trade Association Forum has been the ‘association of associations’ – encouraging the development and sharing of best practice among UK trade associations and promoting the role of effective trade associations to government, industry and the wider public. 

Having recruited CEOs and other senior leadership roles for trade associations over the years, Sherrington Associates are delighted to support TAFs work, in particular by celebrating the best in class within these important categories.

Good governance is the foundation of any organisation and in the context of increasing regulatory responsibility and a constantly changing operating landscape, leaders will continue to need a strong grasp of governance if they ensure their organisations are sustainable. Having recruited both executive and non-executive governance roles in recent years, we are excited to see the best of governance amongst the UK's trade associations.

When it comes to ESG efforts, it is equally important to recognise good work when it happens and the 'Best ESG Initiative' celebrates those trade associations who have supported their members to improve ESG performance over the last twelve months. 

The Sherrington team looks forward to celebrating the best entrants in these categories on February 22nd at Drapers Hall in London.