New Search: Three Board Trustees, Active Cheshire

Posted on 7th February 2023 | Vacancies

Following the successful recruitment of Active Cheshire's CEO in 2021, Sherrington Associates have once again been retained by the charity to recruit three new board members.

The Challenge

Public Health research suggests that being regularly active can give you more energy, reduce stress levels, improve your general mood and self-confidence as well as improving sleep quality. How we live our lives has changed significantly over the past few decades and we are now less physically active than at any time in human history. At the same time, more evidence has been gathered that links physical inactivity with a growing range of acute, chronic and life-threatening diseases, as well as poor mental health.

There is growing recognition that physical environments that support and encourage physical activity can help improve the public’s health. However human movement represents a complex behaviour that is influenced by a combination of personal motivation, health and mobility issues, genetic factors, and the social and physical environments in which people live. These factors undoubtedly exert an influence on the propensity to engage in sedentary behaviours as well as in physical activity. Increasing physical activity is, therefore, a societal, not just an individual problem, thus demanding a population-based, multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary, enabling and culturally relevant approach.

Despite significant investment, hard work and strong progress, more than 178,000 local adults in Cheshire and Warrington continue to lead sedentary lifestyles. We know that many of this cohort will face wider health and social inequalities, exacerbated by their lack of regular movement.

Active Cheshire

Active Cheshire’s mission is to embed physical activity into all aspects of everyday life by 2040. We are a multi-award-winning charity that are passionate about positively changing the lives of the people in our region and beyond.

First formed in 1989, Active Cheshire now take a whole system approach to work with a diverse range of organisations to have a positive impact in all walks of life; ensuring people can embed activity into all aspects of everyday life – at home, school, in the workplace and everywhere in between.

We work to connect physical activity, sport and movement opportunities to communities across Cheshire and Warrington to provide fairer and greater active accessibility for all, whilst tackling health inequalities.

Active Cheshire’s maxim is to inspire and engage to encourage greater collaboration and coordination between partners to tackle physical inactivity locally. We want to encourage a change in the behaviour of local people of all ages, enabling physical activity to become part of their everyday habit.

We champion and support a range of simple affordable and fun interventions including active travel, workplace health, school sport and community games.

Active Cheshire is all about working with everyone who delivers opportunities directly to local people, driven by local needs and ambition. We are here to support, as well as providing insight, brokerage, knowledge and expertise to anyone working in physical activity and sport in Cheshire and Warrington.

Our Services:

Activators - Educating and empowering community leaders, allied health professionals and frontline community workers to promote active lifestyles consistently through ONE YOU

Active Design - Building physical activity into the design of homes, towns and major infrastructure to encourage movement and play

Active Workplace - Increasing the health and productivity of existing and prospective employees

Active Kids - Starting life well with daily active habits from birth, at home and in school

Active Minds - Improving mental health and quality of life to prevent and alleviate mental illness through physical activity

Trustee Recruitment

Ahead of the departure of three long-serving members of the Active Cheshire board, Sherrington are now looking for three exceptional leaders to join the board in the following roles:

  • Trustee - Finance
  • Trustee - People
  • Trustee - Health

"Our board remains a strong body ensuring oversight and governance are at best practice level. With some Trustees reaching the end of their terms in 2023, we are keen to proactively recruit our next set of trustees to the board. We welcome interest from all walks of life and experience."
Martin Pearson, Chair of Trustees

Applicants should possess strong strategic vision, good independent judgement, the ability to think creatively and the willingness to speak their mind. In addition, applicants should be committed to the organisation's purpose, have a willingness to devote the necessary time and effort, possess a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration and align with Nolan's seven principles of public life:

  • Selflessness
  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Leadership

Applicants should also have an understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship.

Closing Date: April 2023

To learn more or to request a Recruitment Pack, please email the retained search consultant:

Rob McKay
Tel: 01244 310 145